Dinner is served for two! Cut from the short loin and with a fine grain and ribbon of fat along one side, this beef has been grown in Harmony with the environment by a community of Taupo Beef Farmers.

Grass-fed and raised free from antibiotics or hormones.

How to cook ♨

Let the steak come to room temperature and season well. Sear on a medium-high heat, turning only once. This cut is best served medium rare. Rest the sirloin steak for a couple of minutes before serving.

Serving Suggestion

Fabulous as a steak on its own with cheesy scalloped potatoes and garlic mushrooms.

Taupo Beef

Meet Your Farmer

This group of farmers has created such an impressive ecologically and environmentally sustainable farming operation that the OECD uses it as a global exemplar of regenerative farming practices around catchment revitalisation and protection.