Pork loins


Who doesn't love a pork chop? These 100% free-range pork loin chops include the eye fillet and sirloin cuts - the best of both pork worlds.

Our pork is grown in pristine environments and farmed ethically, in Harmony with the land.

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How to cook ♨

Season well and either pan fry or barbecue with a little oil. We recommend serving the cut a slightly pink despite popular belief.

Serving Suggestion

Serve with your favourite veggies or salad. Keep on the bone for extra flavour and using your hands is encouraged! 

Highgrounds pork

Meet Your Farmer

In the shadow of the Hunter Hills just outside of Timaru lies Highgrounds, a 370-hectare farm raising free-range pork for Harmony.  For Highgrounds’ owners, the Cottle family, the pigs’ welfare is as important as the family’s and no expense is spared in treating them like royalty. From the luxurious purpose-built heated yurts for the sows to farrow (give birth) and keep their vulnerable piglets safe, to on-demand feed and 1500m2 area for each group of 150 pigs (roughly 100m2 of pasture for each pig) to roam around in, this is ethical and free-range farming at its finest.