Believe in Better

Good for You.
Good for the Planet.

We believe that together, we can make a difference. And right now, the planet needs us to. We simply can’t keep doing things the way we’ve always done them.

But there are farmers who are doing things really well. They’re Harmony farmers and they care about the future of Aotearoa - our water, our land, our animals, and our people. They’re people who plant trees, restore wetlands, regenerate waterways, and commit to reducing their carbon emissions to ensure the ongoing security of our food supply.

It’s only by us all working collectively that we can make the kind of healthy and sustainable choices the planet needs us to make. 

When you buy Harmony, you are buying food raised by people with the highest respect for the environment. It’s food you can feel good about eating.


Our Product RAnge

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New Zealand produces the best beef in the world. We think our family of Harmony farmers produce it even better.

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We work with farmers dedicated to growing New Zealand’s best lamb in the lush pastures of coastal New Zealand.

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Premium, free-range pork perfect for foodies who want succulent quality meat that has been raised by the best in the business.

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A Kiwi staple, our premium sausages and patties are 100% free range, gluten free, and quite frankly, a cut above the rest.

Our commitment

We choose farmers passionate about animal welfare and preserving our planet. We choose sustainable processing systems and packaging options. 

And we choose to bring you delicious meat that will make your next meal a memorable, nourishing experience.

our Farmers


Farmers are the lifeblood of Harmony. They don’t just grow exceptional, 100% free-range meat that proudly carries the Harmony brand, they’re custodians of the animals and the land they farm.

From riverside pastures in the deep South to the paddocks and crystal-clear lakes in the North, they’re as passionate about farming in ethical and sustainable ways as we are.

environmental impact


From water and the soil to the trees and the air, we only select meat raised in ways that care for the world around us.