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Our farmers make the difference


Farmers are the lifeblood of Harmony. They don’t just grow exceptional, 100% free-range meat that proudly carries the Harmony brand, they’re custodians of the animals and the land they farm. From riverside pastures in the deep South to the paddocks and lakes in the North, they’re as passionate about farming in ethical and sustainable ways as we are.

We work with a brilliant group of farmers and farming communities including Taupō Beef and Lamb, Coastal Lamb in the North Island and Highgrounds Farm, our free-range pork supplier in South Canterbury.  


free-range pork

For Highgrounds’ owners, the Cottle family, the pigs’ welfare is as important as the family’s and no expense is spared in treating them like royalty.

Lounging around in the shade or lying in the cool dirt, Harmony pork is raised in a low stress environment. No barns, cages or concrete floors, instead fresh air, sunlight, and lush open fields.

Taupō Beef & Lamb

Grass-fed, free-range beef & Lamb

Mike and Sharon Barton have had a lifelong passion to protect the pristine water of Lake Taupō to ensure it retains its status as one of the cleanest lakes in the world. As farmers, this has meant doing things differently; farming in a way that preserves the soil and the water quality for today, and for generations to come.

Coastal lamb

lamb seasoned by the sea

Ten years ago, Richard and Sue Redmayne launched the Coastal Lamb brand from their Turakina farm. Today, 17 families on the east and west coasts of the North Island are part of the Harmony Coastal Lamb family, producing lamb that is ‘salt-kissed’, embodying the special character of its unique coastline setting.

New zealand organic meats

premium organic lamb & beef

New Zealand Organic Meats (NZOM) represents 50 farmers in the South Island who supply Harmony with premium organic lamb and beef.

Each organic farm is accredited by AssureQuality and/or BioGro, recognised global standards for the organic and biodynamic agricultural industry.


environmental impact

All of our farmers meet Harmony’s strict criteria around water protection, animal welfare, environmental stewardship and transparency and are committed to our  uncompromising mission: that Harmony becomes the most sustainable and carbon-neutral meat brand in New Zealand.