east and west coasts, North Island
Provenance is a word you’ll hear used frequently by Coastal Lamb farmers. It’s the essence of the brand and of the story of generations of families who farm by the sea, and who are committed to the strict standards of environmental farming required to be a Harmony supplier.

The people

Ten years ago, Richard and Sue Redmayne launched the Coastal Lamb brand from their Turakina farm. Today, 17 families on the east and west coasts of the North Island are part of the Harmony Coastal Lamb family, producing lamb that is ‘salt-kissed’, embodying the special character of its unique coastline setting.

The planet

"We are custodians of our environments," says Richard. "To do this, we control every aspect of land management, production and supply chain, including owning our own fleet of trucks to ensure animals are taken care of throughout the process."
“We employ sustainable farming practices to produce the highest quality lamb and to also protect our farms for future generations.”
Richard Redmayne