south island
New Zealand Organic Meats (NZOM) represents 50 farmers in the South Island who supply Harmony with premium organic beef.

The people

Each organic farm is accredited by AsureQuality and/or BioGro, recognised global standards for the organic and biodynamic agricultural industry.

The organic farmers who supply Harmony are people who work with what the environment gives them, and who are also driven by the consumer's quality expectations.

The animals

NZOM farmers run sustainable farms that prioritise animal welfare, soil health and water protection to reduce their impact on the environment. "Soil is our biggest asset," says NZOM's Paul Ruddenklau. "Get the nutrients right, grow nutrient dense feed and you reduce weed burden, which creates a system that doesn't need any chemical inputs such as pesticides or herbicides. Our farms run lighter stock numbers, there's less pressure on the land and our CO2 emissions remain low."
Beautiful grass, beautiful animals. We keep things uncomplicated, and we use what nature has given us. It’s how we’ve farmed for generations.