Harmony Rump Beef 360g - Taupo

Cut from the hindquarter with a fine grain and a ribbon of fat along one side, which produces a flavourful meat. This Taupo Beef is an exceptional product from a place where the animals are raised in Harmony with the environment by a group of committed farmers.

Grass-fed with lower stocking densities to make happier animals and reduce the impact on the environment.

How to cook

If you're short on time, slice very thinly and voila - you can pop on a barbecue to cook minute steaks.

We love the versatility of a rump steak - it's as delicious as an eye on its own or can be cut into strips for a beef stroganoff or a Thai Beef Salad.


This group of farmers has created such an impressive ecologically and environmentally sustainable farming operation that the OECD uses it as a global exemplar of regenerative farming practices around catchment revitalisation and protection.