Harmony F/R Pork Fillet 300g

Pork Scotch Fillet is an easy to cook lean meat, fillets for a scrumptious dinner. 100% NZ free-range pork.

All Harmony pigs are farmed to the highest ethical standards, grazed in open fields alongside cattle in the shadow of the Hunter Hills, and are sourced from one farm ensuring a fully traceable supply chain.

How to cook

Best cooked in the pan or on the bbq over a low-medium heat until the pork is slightly brown and cooked through.


In the shadow of the Hunter Hills just outside of Timaru lies Highgrounds, a 370-hectare farm raising free-range pork for Harmony. For Highgrounds’ owners, the Cottle family, the pigs’ welfare is as important as the family’s and no expense is spared in treating them like royalty.

From the luxurious purpose-built heated yurts for the sows to farrow (give birth) and keep their vulnerable piglets safe, to on-demand feed and 1500m2 area for each group of 150 pigs (roughly 100m2 of pasture for each pig) to roam around in, this is ethical and free-range farming at its finest.